The Art of Afternoon Tea

Indulge in our timeless Afternoon Tea ceremony, a Signature Ritual of the St. Regis brand, offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Astor Lounge, located lobby level.

The tradition of afternoon tea is said to have been introduced in the mid-1800s by the Duchess of Bedford of Great Britain, who enjoyed gathering friends over a cup of tea and a slice of bread and butter to stave off hunger between lunch and dinner. These occasions became a favourite pastime of many luminaries, including ‘The’ Mrs. Caroline Astor - the mother of the founder of The St. Regis and grand dame of New York high society during the Gilded Age – who transformed the occasion into an exclusive private social gathering for the city’s elite. Today, Time for Tea remains a quintessential St. Regis tradition and we are proud to work with Toronto-based Sloane Fine Tea Merchants who has curated an impeccable selection of fine teas including a bespoke blend made for The St. Regis Toronto, named Midnight Blossom.

Inspired by Mrs. Astor, Midnight Blossom pays tribute to her iconic galas where only a handful of her 400 notable guests would be invited to join her afterwards for a highly coveted dinner at midnight, known as the Midnight Supper. Made exclusively for The St. Regis Toronto, Midnight Blossom captures at once the actual flowers used around her residence, the exotic woods of the ballroom, the potted palms and apple blossoms that lined the hallways, and the light crisp essence of champagne wafting through the crowds.

Astor Lounge - Afternoon Tea
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