Restaurant - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to several FAQs for our restaurants below. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants

Is reservation required?
A Reservation is not necessary. However, making an advanced reservation for Grand Cafe and Maihama Teppanyaki+ is highly recommended.

*We do not take any reservations for breakfast.
Can you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions for those with specific food allergies?
If you wish to have any assistance regarding your meal, please directly contact us at by 7 days prior to your arrival and we can try our best to arrange a suitable meal for you.
Any meals for a baby?
Whilst we don’t offer a specific baby’s menu, we can prepare smaller portions of the dishes on any of our menus.
Is it okay to bring a baby food inside the restaurant?
We allow baby food to be brought into the restaurant. Please ask our staff member if you need to heat up the food.
Does「Maihama Teppanyaki+」have a dress code?
While we have no formal dress code and welcome guests in whatever attire they feel most comfortable, please refrain from coming with Yukata (Pajamas) and Slippers from the room.
Any birthday cake arrangement available?
We are happy to arrange a round cake for ¥3,200~. Please directly contact us by 3 days before your arrival as an advanced reservation is required for this arrangement.
Do they have a time that breakfast is crowded?
The breakfast time is crowded around 8:30AM to 10:00AM. We recommend to come earlier.

*It depends on TDR events.
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