Sheraton Milan San Siro

Via Caldera, 3, Milan 20153 Italy
+39 02 915221

Hotel Overview

Urban Oasis, Shared Experiences

Sheraton Milan San Siro stands in an area surrounded by wide parks and entertainment facilities and is a crucial reference point for the visitors of the major exhibition centers in the neighborhood. The hotel is close-by to San Siro stadium and conveniently connected to Milan’s airports and highway and to its main districts. Modernist architecture characterizes its spaces inspired by Milanese design. The hotel features 310 guest rooms, including 24 suites and a Presidential Suite providing all Sheraton signature experiences, like the Sheraton Club® Lounge, a SPA, a Fitness center, and a Crew Lounge. The hotel boasts a wide external area with an outdoor swimming pool with a bar, a terraced garden and the Argentinian specialty restaurant “El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti”. Sheraton Milan San Siro is an urban oasis within a dynamic Milan, designed as a place to connect.

Guest rooms

Environment sanitization

In our Hotel we implemented Sanixair: a sanitization system that uses the photochemical principle of P.C.O. (Photo Catalytic Oxidation). In 24 hours of use of Sanixair systems is obtained the disinfection of environments from harmful and polluting elements and the destruction of the microbial load.

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