Hours of Operation

Hours: Mon-Sun: 05:00 PM - 11:00 PM


+81 47-711-1575

Appointment is required

ANSPA TOKYO BAY is temporary closed. (as of 7 July 2020)

Spirit of hospitality that the Japanese have valued since ancient times. Hospitality represents more than thoughtfulness, it resides in words, manners, posture, and service. Once you step inside, you will experience an overwhelmingly beautiful Japanese space. AN SPA offers complete Japanese-style hospitality in a quiet room, which is reminiscent of a house in the mountains, lavishly decorated with traditional Japanese crafts. This tranquil place is the best way to relieve a tired body after a day of fun at Tokyo Disney Resort®. 

Spa Highlights

  • Couple's Massage
  • Facials
  • Foot bath
  • Massages

Spa Features & Services

“Shiseido Qi” Aesthetic Therapy Body

This is collaborated with western-style to relax yourself and eastern-style meridian treatment to adjust your “ki” energy. The adjustment of your “ki” energy can lead a good circulation for your whole body in terms of “ki”, blood and hydration, and that can produce your deep relaxation. Furthermore, that can enhance your self-healing power which your body owns potentially and lead to full relaxation.

=煌=KIRAMEKI=・・・50min. 15,500 JPY
=麗=URARA=・・・・・・・80min. 19,500 JPY
=華=HARU=・・・・・・・・110min. 25,500 JPY

Aromatherapy Body

The aroma oil with the self-healing power by the plants in Japan and the treatment arranged for each customer will relax gently to the mind and body.

=湧=YOU=・・・・・50min. 13,500 JPY
=璃=AKI=・・・・・80min.   18,500 JPY
=廉=REN=・・・・・110min. 24,500 JPY

“WAKAN” Therapy

Luxuriously using oil blended oriental plants familiar to Japanese people for a long time to heal tired body.You can refresh by giving a sparkle to the skin and giving natural brightness.

50min. 16,000 JPY
80min. 19,000 JPY
110min. 25,000 JPY

Dry Massage

This massage will work for various signs and symptoms widely including shoulder pain, lower back pain, releasing from fatigue.

40min. 7,000 JPY
60min. 9,800 JPY

Safety Notice

*Treament extension/10min. 2,500 JPY
*1,000 JPY discount of any courses above is provided to the hotel guests.
*The menu and its price might be changed without notice.
*Cancellation on the day of booking will be paid in full.
*We may not offer massage if you are pregnant.