Shine Spa for "The Total Therapy"

Hours of Operation

Hours: Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


+81 82-264-7407

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The Total Therapy Concept

In addition to conditioning the outside of the body, the treatment enhances the self-healing power inherent in the body and improves the constitution to bring out the beauty that shines from within. Please experience the tangible effect of proven technique and the ultimate relaxation to loosen all the tension in the mind.

On-site facilities include 6 treatment rooms and a relaxation space. Of the six rooms, the one on the corner is a VIP room that can accommodate up to 2 people at a time.

It is a spacious room with large windows and a shower room.
It can also be used by 1 person.
It is perfect for couples, friends, family, anniversaries or special occasions.
Enjoy an exquisite time basking in your favorite aroma.

The Total Therapy is a relaxation space of the Raffine Group operated by Le temps.

Our facility will be implementing the following measures:

In consideration of the health of both customers and staff, we are requesting the wearing of masks for our staff and customers.
We are practicing proper hand sanitization at all times.
Disinfecting frequently touched areas and items.

We may also change the course menus due to these measurements. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Spa Highlights

  • Foot bath
  • Men's services

Spa Features & Services

Muscle Therapy

Muscle therapy reaches out to inner muscles and balances out your body with “deep massage procedure” based on oriental medicine. It is good for recovering the flow of the body.
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Deep Muscle Lymph Oil Therapy

Using relatively firm pressure to ease deep muscle stiffness and remove toxins with aroma oil. You can relax more making your body warm with this treatment.
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Oriental Lymph Therapy

Use warming spicy gel combing natural citrus oil that is high in moisturizing effect to loosen tight muscles and for a well flow of the lymph. An all-hand oriental procedure for a lymph cleansing.
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Foot Therapy

There are 63 reflex zones on the sole which are related with the intern organs throughout the body. Stimulating the reflex zones directly to activate detoxification as much pressure as you would like.
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Hand Therapy

A course specialized in hand and arm which is called the second brain. Improve blood circulation from fingers to arms by stimulating lymph and reflexology in addition to stretching. You can feel relaxed by getting rid of arm tiredness, which piles up without noticing.
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Head Therapy

It loosens up your neck to your head, relieves stress and it is also good for lifting up your face.
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Selected Courses

You can get good value by combining your favorite courses.
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VIP Course

You can use a private room with a shower.
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Valuable Cards

Guidance on Valuable Cards that can be used for great value.
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Safety Notice

We might refuse treatment to avoid possible harm to your health.
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