Hotel Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Costa Smeralda

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Private Beach

Whether gathering informally in our gardens, hosting an elegant dinner, or conducting a formal business meeting, guests will relish our staff's genuine warmth and flawless attention to every detail. Just 10 minutes away, the Conference Centre in Porto Cervo offers extended meeting facilities for a wider choice.

According to golf insiders, the Pevero Golf Club—with its unforgettable panorama—is heralded as one of the most stunning golf courses in the world. Opened in 1972 under the direction of legendary golf course and landscape architect Robert Trent Jones, the course gained international acclaim so rapidly that it was elected to host the 1978 Italian Golf Open. To this day, the Pevero Golf Club attracts a loyal clientele of the most experienced and passionate golf players from across the globe.

The four-square-mile course is nestled in between the glittering emerald waters of the bay of Cala di Volpe and the Gulf of Pevero—in the very heart of the fabulous Costa Smeralda. Likened to a lush green carpet, the sweeping fairways and meticulous greens not only benefit from the brilliance of the original design, but also from the continuous research conducted on the wind, rain, soil, and temperature changes by the dedicated staff of greenkeepers.

Our concierge team stands ready to be of service, dedicated to ensuring that each guest can unlock the very best of each destination.

At the Hotel Cala di Volpe guests will have the opportunity to practice practice different sports. Three tennis courts with floodlight & a brand new Padel Court mmersed in an extensive Mediterranean park are at guests’ disposal. Alternatively, only 10 minutes away, the Cervo Club features additional four flood-lit tennis courts and one Padel court, only a stone’s throw from the famous Piazzetta of Porto Cervo.

Costa Smeralda was born in the early sixties, thanks to the revolutionary vision of a committee of investors and architects. The aim was to develop an exclusive destination for the international jetsetters on an untouched piece of land in the North Eastern coast of Sardinia, through a strict masterplan and realizing all the necessary infrastructures (from the airport to the streets, from the drainage system to all facilities, including golf courses, hotels, residences, villas, etc.).  The main and core principle was to build everything in full respect of the surrounding beautiful nature, using the finest indigenous materials and on the rich and ancient local heritage. The land itself, with its stunning natural beauty, inspired architects and developers.

It was 1963 when one of the very first buildings in Costa Smeralda rose overlooking one of the most picturesque bays of the island, named after the “fox”, to celebrate the main inhabitants of the place before the men: it was the Hotel Cala di Volpe. The initial project was created and developed by Jacques Couëlle, who liked to define himself not as an architect, but rather as “a sculptor of houses”.

Honorary member of the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts of the Institut de France, Jacques Couëlle’s artistic genius is undisputed. His design of the Hotel Cala di Volpe, stands as an artistic masterpiece that irrevocably shaped the coastline into one of the most glamorous resort destinations for celebrities, royalty, and the international social elite.

The Pevero Trail is a health path running through the Pevero and Romazzino areas passing by Porto Liccia Bay and Grande Pevero Bay. The trail, which has an overall length of 13.000 metres, includes eleven fitness stations: Lavanda (Lavender) – Rosmarino (Rosemary) – Cisto (Rockrose) – Mirto (Myrtle) – Lentisco (Mastic tree) -Ginestra (Broom) – Corbezzolo (Strawberry tree) – Ginepro (Juniper) – Euforbia (Euphorbia) – Caprifoglio (Honeysuckle) – Tamarice (Tamarice) provided with benches and exercise equipment, to combine walking and running with workout.

The numerous routes allow you to discover ancient paths and Sardinia dry stone walls and to reach points of natural and historical interest. Right on the cliff of Grande Pevero Bay the “Madonnina dello Speronello” commemorates the flood that hit the village of Montalto di Castro (Tuscany). “Lu Rotu” dating back to the beginning of the XX century is a place once used for wheat processing. The “Stazzo di Monte Zoppu” with its stone fences for animals is an interesting document of ancient rural life. The summit of Monte Zoppu, for photography lovers , is an amazing Instagram Point to immortalise the beauty of the Costa Smeralda.

The route has a low difficulty, with the exception of the path that reaches the summit of Monte Zoppu, better suited for experienced walkers and reaching a maximum elevation of 139 meters above sea level it enables quiet walks through Mediterranean aromatic scrubland and also running or walking with an enchanting sea view. For a short stretch in the Grande Pevero area, the road is covered with a thin layer of white sand due to the ancient action of wind blowing sand on the dunes. A part of the trail thanks to its configuration, can also be used by mountain bike lovers with great fun.

The Pevero Health Trail has five entrances all of them with a car park nearby and marked with START on the map. You can start from the Club House at Pevero Golf Club’s car park. From the Grande Pevero beach using the entrance and the parking of Piccolo Pevero. From Piccolo Romazzino and from Hotel Romazzino and from Cala Liccia, using the parking immediately after Hotel Romazzino in the Porto Liccia area.

On the map and on the route there are arrow-shaped rustic signs or red and white stones. It is recommended to pay attention to the icons that define the best use of the Pevero Health Trail. In addiction to the points of interest and the fitness stations defined by their names, the whole route is divided according to its best usage:mountain bike, walk route, experts route.

If water is your natural element, the crystal-clear sea of Costa Smeralda is the perfect stage for a wide range of thrilling watersport activities. Our tranquil seabed creates perfect conditions for paddle boarding and kayaking, while the most adventurous can enjoy scuba diving and windsurfing too.

The Hotel Cala di Volpe's exterior was conceived by his creator 'sculptor of houses' Jacques Couëlle to look like an ancient Mediterranean fishing village – a private compound of interconnecting terracotta rooftops, turrets, porticoes and terraces abloom with bougainvillea. The interiors give way to Couëlle's extraordinary surrealist vision. Graphic bursts of Mediterranean-inspired colours accent the white stucco. Dramatic archways and angled columns support the beautifully beamed wooden ceilings. Curved walls lead down angled passageways and up winding staircases, while the large-scale stone masonry echoes the wind-swept rock formations found outside. Superb Sardinian crafts celebrate the venerable artisan traditions of hand woven textiles, intricate woodcarving and vibrant tile work that have been found here for centuries. The effect adds up to a setting of dynamic proportions, grand yet intimate, rustic yet undeniably sophisticated.

Jacques Couëlle's son, Savin, followed his father's extraordinary footsteps, continuing the unmistakable family legacy. Known for his fascinating designs all along the Costa Smeralda, Savin's villas have become collector's items. In 2001 and 2008, Savin oversaw the renovations of the Hotel Cala di Volpe, employing only Sardinian master craftsmen to bring his complex technical ideas to life, while retaining the original spirit and beauty of his father's artistry.

The very last renovation has been executed in 2019 by architects Claire Betaille and Bruno Moinard of 4BI & Associés, who took inspiration from the precious heritage left by Jacques and Savin Couëlle, elevating hotel guests' experience starting from the sense of arrival, thanks to a fully refurbished lobby and lounge, and new luxury rooms and suites. The renovation brought a new light into the spaces, combining state-of-art technology and custom-made pieces of design created by skill local artisans.

A celebrated party place, Hotel Cala di Volpe is a matchless location for social events, exclusive gatherings and private receptions. Combining its reputation as one of the leading luxury destinations, with an innate know-how in creating unforgettable events and decadent festivities, the hotel provides a backdrop like no other. Famed for its social calendar, it is the place where celebrity concerts, fashion shows and bespoke gala dinners set the tone for glittering, high-end socializing. Stay tuned for the upcoming Gala Dinner.

In the heart of Costa Smeralda, amidst breath-taking sceneries and emerald waters, Hotel Cala di Volpe welcomes a new exciting challenge, made of football and a lot of fun with the Juventus Academy Training Session.

The training sessions at the Hotel Cala di Volpe are dedicated to boys and girls aged between 5 and 16 and it is open to young guests staying at the Cala di Volpe, Pitrizza, Romazzino, and Cervo Hotels and to all the young football lovers in Costa Smeralda.

An appointment that cannot be missed by young players wishing to learn all the secrets of the most popular sport in the world, make new friends, or simply have fun. They will have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable week with the Juventus trainers, who are ready to share their experience and all their secrets.

The technical team of qualified Juventus coaches will follow the young participants throughout the training programs dedicated to different age groups.

The daily training sessions will be available from Monday to Friday and will include technical practice, lots of fun, and a team tournament to play all together.

A real Juventus experience that will also feature an Adidas Juventus Training Session kit for each participant and a final ceremony where the young players will receive their certificate of attendance.

The Juventus Academy experience will be back in 2022.


Meeting Rooms and Conference Center

Our Concierge will be pleased to arrange:


  • Airline transfers/bookings
  • Private cars and island excursions
  • Translation services
  • Dinner reservations
  • Golf and tennis reservations
  • Floral arrangements
  • Tickets to local sites

In addition to such popular activities as golf at the Pevero Golf Club and private wind surfing lessons, the Concierge recommends the following as unique places to explore in the local area:


  • La Maddalena Islands
  • San Pantaleo
  • Nuraghi Stone Structures
  • Porto Cervo
Each Luxury Collection Concierge is a bilingual, certified destination expert, proudly wearing "Les Clefs d'Or", the gilt insignia of the celebrated international concierge society.


After its debut in 2018, the appointment continued also this year. The 2019 “Your Costa Smeralda Experience” took place from 20 to 22 June, offering special experiences in unique places and emotions that only the Costa Smeralda can give. An extraordinary showcase for Costa Smeralda and the entire Sardinia!


The first iconic event of the Summer concerts’ calendar will happen on July, 26th at Hotel Cala di Volpe. And ‘Something Blue’ is on its way.

Clean Bandit, a British electronic music group that in 2014, achieved worldwide fame with the single ‘Rather Be’. Until December 2016, Clean Bandit sold 13 million copies in singles and over a million in albums. An internationally renowned DJ will join them on the stage to make the show even more spectacular.

A magnificent gala dinner created by Executive Chef Maurizio Locatelli – Chef of the year and winner of the Marriott International Award for Culinary Excellence in 2016 – and Pastry Chef Manuel Arcadu, will be served during the show and sealed by choreographic performances.


‘Something Blue’ will light up also on 12th of August, when Hotel Cala di Volpe will be stage to another memorable event.

Jess Glynne is a British singer and composer, winner of the Grammy Award for best dance recording for ‘Rather Be’, in collaboration with Clean Bandit and released in 2014. She is the only female artist to have obtained seven first positions in the British singles chart, while selling more than 30 million singles and 3 million albums worldwide.

Rita Ora, originally from Kosovo and vaunting over 15 million followers on Instagram, is a leading artist of the pop dance thanks to her 2 albums: Ora and Phoenix.

The perfect combination to enhance all senses during the performances will be served by Executive Chef Maurizio Locatelli – Chef of the year and winner of the Marriott International Award for Culinary Excellence in 2016 – and Pastry Chef Manuel Arcadu, through a sumptuous gala dinner under the star, embellished with spectacular show pieces.


Functional Training

The joy of being agile in movement combined with the safety of being prepared to practice any sport. A global workout that involves the whole body. Our trainers will exercise your body in ways you never would have. Having the certainty of relying on your own skills means also knowing how to move easily in the simplicity of daily life movements like getting up and sitting down. You will develop agility – strength – resistance – joint mobility – coordination – confidence.

Yoga and Pilates

Gymnastics for the body and respiration is good for everyone. A psychophysical discipline aimed at meditation and relaxation. An ancient philosophy. You will develop great posture – muscle extension – psycho-physical well-being.  Concentration in controlling our body with the center of gravity will allow us to perform exercises with fluidity and precision, in coordination with respiratory rhythm, fullfilling with mental and physical lightness. You will develop muscle tone – posture – muscle extension – stabilizes the joints.


An excellent workout to relieve tension. You will develop resistance – coordination – speed – burns calories.


The most classical of watersports, but the best way to be amazed by untouched Sardinian seabed!


A tranquil kayak excursion along the shore is the best way to discover hidden coves and crystal-clear natural pools.

Soft Gymnastics

Gentle and respectful gymnastics that work a body with experience. You will develop amplitude in the shoulder muscles and spine – muscular reinforcement.

Balance Training

You always have to find the right balance, better to train yourself to find it as soon as possible. You learn to put the center of gravity in the right place. Training with tilting platforms (Indoboard, Bosu, Vew-Do), medical balls and more. You will also develop balance – apply skiing skills, surfing, golf, and many other sports in the training schemes learned during these workouts.

Aquagym and Swimming

With only a sixth of gravity, we will move more easily, but that does not mean that we will not feel our body working. Simple and fun, a work-out for everyone who needs to cool down under the hot sun, enjoyed in Hotel Cala di Volpe's pool, the biggest saltwater pool in Europe. You will develop muscle tone – coordination – motor re-education.

It’s never too early to be too late to start. The water around Sardinia deserves a good swim. Learn not to be afraid of the water and perfect your style. A complete sport for all ages. Pool training and guided hiking tours. You will develop muscle tone – coordination – breathing.

Agility and Skills Training

With the little tools used in athletic training, we invent agility and speed trails to prepare you for any sport. It is especially fun for children and suggested for developing speed – dexterity – coordination.

Fat Burning

Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine without feeling guilty through high-intensive workout associated with tailored-made nutrition programmes developed by Amanda Hamilton. It would be a shame to come to Sardinia and not to eat tasty Italian cuisine. You will develop calorie consumption – oxygenation – capillation – control of blood values – improve your vascular and respiratory capacity.

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