Hotel Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo 07020 Italy
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Personal Trainers

Explore endless choices to reactivate your inner energy and the feeling of well-being. Our lush gardens and pristine Mediterranean beachside setting, together with our exceptional team of personal trainers will inspire and motivate your body and mind. Practice challenging and high-energy fitness at our seaview Technogym Gym, experience meditation or try dynamic new exercises, such as Pilates, posture stretching, functional training, kick-boxing or Muay Thai, in the most glamorous environment. Special programs for mums with prenatal exercises or post-partum gymnastics.

In case of rehabilitation after an accident or need of specific focus on a body part, a special 'fitness menu' will allow you to increase mobility, strengthen musculature and improve lymphatic circulation, working out on a specific zone: three areas of the spinal column, upper or lower limbs, focused training on eyes and mouth.


Functional Training

The joy of being agile in movement combined with the safety of being prepared to practice any sport. A global workout that involves the whole body. Our trainers will exercise your body in ways you never would have. Having the certainty of relying on your own skills means also knowing how to move easily in the simplicity of daily life movements like getting up and sitting down. You will develop agility – strength – resistance – joint mobility – coordination – confidence.

Yoga and Pilates

Gymnastics for the body and respiration is good for everyone. A psychophysical discipline aimed at meditation and relaxation. An ancient philosophy. You will develop great posture – muscle extension – psycho-physical well-being.  Concentration in controlling our body with the center of gravity will allow us to perform exercises with fluidity and precision, in coordination with respiratory rhythm, fullfilling with mental and physical lightness. You will develop muscle tone – posture – muscle extension – stabilizes the joints.


An excellent workout to relieve tension. You will develop resistance – coordination – speed – burns calories.

Post Injury Recovery

Exercises for motor re-education for the recovery of function, mobility and strength. You will develop function and joint mobility – strength.

Power and Endurance

Cast-iron movers are always welcome. A cycle of power never hurts. You will develop explosive, maximum, or strong capacity.

Physical resistance is synonymous with stress resistance. If you want to have more gears in life, learn how to handle stress loads from resistance training. Life will be simpler and you will always be one-step ahead for those who cannot make the last 100 meters. You will develop short, medium and long lasting resistance – strength-to-strength – fastness resistance.

Soft Gymnastics

Gentle and respectful gymnastics that work a body with experience. You will develop amplitude in the shoulder muscles and spine – muscular reinforcement.

Balance Training

You always have to find the right balance, better to train yourself to find it as soon as possible. You learn to put the center of gravity in the right place. Training with tilting platforms (Indoboard, Bosu, Vew-Do), medical balls and more. You will also develop balance – apply skiing skills, surfing, golf, and many other sports in the training schemes learned during these workouts.

Aquagym and Swimming

With only a sixth of gravity, we will move more easily, but that does not mean that we will not feel our body working. Simple and fun, a work-out for everyone who needs to cool down under the hot sun, enjoyed in Hotel Cala di Volpe's pool, the biggest saltwater pool in Europe. You will develop muscle tone – coordination – motor re-education.

It’s never too early to be too late to start. The water around Sardinia deserves a good swim. Learn not to be afraid of the water and perfect your style. A complete sport for all ages. Pool training and guided hiking tours. You will develop muscle tone – coordination – breathing.

Agility and Skills Training

With the little tools used in athletic training, we invent agility and speed trails to prepare you for any sport. It is especially fun for children and suggested for developing speed – dexterity – coordination.

Fat Burning

Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine without feeling guilty through high-intensive workout associated with tailored-made nutrition programmes developed by Amanda Hamilton. It would be a shame to come to Sardinia and not to eat tasty Italian cuisine. You will develop calorie consumption – oxygenation – capillation – control of blood values – improve your vascular and respiratory capacity.

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