St. Regis Signature Rituals

Signature Rituals are an integral part of the St. Regis brand and are at the heart of an exquisite stay. The Astors, The St. Regis founding family, practiced these glittering traditions for centuries and, through time, have defined the hotel collection since its founding by John Jacob Astor IV in 1904. Today, each hotel in our portfolio celebrates three daily rituals — the Bloody Mary Ritual, the Evening Ritual and the Afternoon Tea Ritual — each a modern articulation of timeless tradition and an opportunity to invite guests to experience our enduring legacy.

The Evening Ritual

Champagne sabering dates back to the 1700s when Napoléon Bonaparte and his cavalry of men would win wars and to celebrate, they would saber bottles of champagne. Our founding family The Astors often did this as a way to welcome the evening and to bid farewell to the working day back in the late 1800s. Today, we celebrate this ceremonious ritual daily at 6:00 pm in Astor Lounge, lobby-level.

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The Original Bloody Mary

Invented by famed barman Fernand Petiot at The St. Regis New York in 1934, the Bloody Mary remains the signature cocktail of St. Regis. Once rechristened the "Red Snapper” as the name Bloody Mary was deemed unrefined for the hotel's elegant clientele, today, each St. Regis address crafts its own local interpretation of the libation to pay homage to Petiot's original recipe.

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The Art of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea became a favourite pastime of many luminaries, including ‘The’ Mrs. Caroline Astor, who adopted the tradition at The St. Regis New York in the early 1900s. For her, afternoon tea was a joyful occasion and an opportunity to host gatherings with close friends as a prelude to her grand galas. Today, Afternoon Tea is available each Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in Astor Lounge, lobby-level.

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