Hotel History

Synonymous with the splendour of Venice, the Hotel Danieli is considered one of the most famous hotels in the world. Its remarkable history begins in the 14th century when the hotel’s main building—the Palazzo Dandolo—was commissioned by the noble Venetian family Dandolo. Of the four Dandolos that served as the Doge of Venice, Enrico garnered the greatest fame when he conquered Constantinople in 1204 and returned to the city with a bounty of gold, marble and Byzantine artwork, some of which was later incorporated into the Palazzo Dandolo’s interiors.

The three palaces which comprise the hotel date from the 14th, 19th and 20th centuries: Palazzo Dandolo in Venetian Gothic style, once home to the noble Dandolo family; Palazzo Casa Nuova, previously the city’s treasury; and Palazzo Danieli Excelsior, redesigned by Jacques Garcia, and featuring guestrooms with balconies overlooking the lagoon on its upper floors.

The three interlaced palaces house a rich collection of precious art and antiques that play witness to the city’s history, artfully blended with contemporary comforts to meet the needs and expectations of sophisticated and cultured global travelers.


The Birth of Hotel Danieli

Several centuries later, in 1822, Giuseppe Dal Niel rented part of the palazzo and converted it into a hotel, renaming it after his nickname “Danieli”. Little by little he bought all the floors and finally became sole owner. It was in the winter of 1833, that the scandalous love affair between George Sand and Alfred de Musset unfolded in Room 10.

In 1895, Mr. Genovesi and the Campi Bozzi & C. become the new owners of the hotel. They completed expensive renovations, adding electrical power, vapour radiators, and elevators to further the hotel’s reputation for luxurious accommodation. At this time, the hotel was also connected via bridge to the Casa Nuova Palace—the former seat of the Customs office—located across the Rio del Vin.

Signature Suite Salon

Modern Luxury

In 1906, Count Giuseppe Volpi founded the renowned CIGA hotels—“Compagnia Italiana Grandi Alberghi”—and acquired the Royal Hotel Danieli. The hotel underwent its final structural change in 1948 when the buildings separating Palazzo Dandolo and Palazzo delle Prigioni were demolished and a new building, known as the Danielino (today’s Palazzo Danieli Excelsior), was erected. This final addition was restyled by famed hotel architect Jacques Garcia in 2008.

Over the course of its colourful history, Hotel Danieli has been favoured by many illustrious guests, including foreign dignitaries, heads of state, and film and music celebrities.

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