King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens

3 Vasileos Georgiou A' str., Syntagma Square, Athens 105 64 Greece
+30 21 0322 2210

Art in The Lobby

The majestic lobby of this Luxury Collection hotel, evokes the most splendid feelings from the very first second; the Murano chandeliers, the bright marbles and the finest furnishing are just some of the elegant touch points.

Given that the refined hotel hosts not only permanent but temporary collections as well, one may admire up close a number of vivid paintings exclusively curated by renowned Greek artists such as Pavlos Samios, Sofia Petropoulou, Sofia Maria Xenaki and Kostis Georgiou or even the unique Golden Olive Trees by Constantinos Vales, which elegantly pose throughout the lobby and finely immerse the sense of the most traditional tree of Greek history; the Olive Tree.

If you love art, we invite you to visit the city of Athens and at least the lobby of King George, Athens to browse around and let another modern side of Greece enchant you; an art collection experience not to be missed.

Front Desk

A Collection of Artworks from Greek Artists

The Historic King George Hotel, located in the heart of Athens, is a proud Ambassador of the contemporary Greek art scene, by presenting to its cosmopolitan travelers, a rotating collection of artworks from Greek Artists.

Many well-known Greek painters are pleased that their works reach the public in a more indirect and perhaps deeper and more meaningful way- with their art being displayed in places where visitors move unsuspectingly. Browsing at their leisure, they discover works of art that touch their souls.  From there, visitors can also choose to buy through the artists' representative at the hotel.

Browse around the King George's lobby and let another modern side of Greece enchant you. This magestic lobby will then have achieved one of its goals: a new and vibrant way of communicating art.

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