The Westin Desaru Coast Resort

Jalan Pantai 3, Desaru Coast, Bandar Penawar 81930 Malaysia
+60 7-838 3333


Find unique deals and one-of-a-kind getaway packages by The Westin Desaru Coast Resort in Johor and plan a sweet sojourn on the beach.



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People travelling

Kids Eat Free

Enjoy fun with the family with this hotel offer!

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Escape Romance Package

Spend time rediscovering each other with a romantic stay at The Westin Desaru Coast Resort.

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Escape! Adventure Waterpark Package

Experience a splashing fun day at Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast!

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Escape! Golf Package

Escape for a staycation on the golf course at The Westin Desaru Coast Resort.

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Health Spa

Find Time to Relax at The Westin Desaru Coast Resort

Treat yourself to a spa package while at The Westin Desaru Coast Resort

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Escape Dining Package

Stay and dine with credits worth MYR100

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Thank You Healthcare Heroes!

It is our time now to take care of you.

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