Walt Disney World Dolphin

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 USA
+1 407-934-4000

Mandara Spa

The Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin blends the lovely resort architecture with its signature Balinese style to provide a fresh and original setting where guests may indulge in world class pampering and beauty services. From the moment the guest arrives all of the six senses of hearing, sight, sound, taste, touch and perception are aroused creating expectations of a memorable spa experience. The spa visit becomes an adventure both sensory and physical as guests explore the Tea Gardens’ unique “Asian Bale” and the Meditation Garden’s signature “Meru Temple”. The two beautiful interior gardens provide exotic retreats before guests begin the spa ritual. On opening day, the spectacular Mandara Spa will create an unforgettable guest experience within a magical setting surrounded by the paradise that is the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin.


About the Spa:
Ambience: Balinese Setting
Products: Elemis
Special Facilities: Interior Gardens
Phone: 407-934-4772


Elemis was created in 1990 as a lifestyle brand of aromatherapy products aimed at treating each person holistically with plant essential oils and marine extracts mixed in natural bases. Our philosophy was, and still is, based upon using the wisdom that had been learned by our forefathers thousands of years ago. Our product concept was designed to work in conjunction with our own exclusive services to ensure maximum relaxation & outstanding results are achieved…

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Chinese Tui Na
Thai Massage
Balinese Massage

Walk into a world of complete sensory heaven where time is left at the door and a new journey begins…Your journey continues through The Ten Cultural Touches of Elemis, a new sequence of massage movements influenced and inspired by an exotic blend of cultures and techniques...

There are a few reasons why Elemis is superior to other aromatherapy products. One of the reasons is our effort to ensure that all essential oils and plant extracts are of premium medical grade with high therapeutic value. The other is that we only use first extraction. These two practices seem small, but make a world of difference to the finished product. Growing medicinal plants is a science, and extra effort is spent selecting only the finest seeds, growing them in the most effective conditions and cultivating them just at the right time. The plants are then dried carefully and the active ingredients extracted using highly technical equipment. Elemis plant essential oils are most potent and are extracted only once from the plant, whereas some aromatherapy ranges can use essential oils that have been extracted ten times! Imagine drinking a cup of tea with a tea bag that has been used ten times! This means you will still have some aroma but little, if any, therapeutic plant activity. However, there is one other, perhaps even more important reason that our aromatherapy products are so powerful on the skin. It is because we use "Absolutes” the purest form of living energy extracted from the plant.

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