Bright Breaks

At Westin, we’re committed to fueling active ideation before, during, and after meetings. Our Bright Breaks offer attendees meaningful opportunities to refresh and recharge, whether with an energizing activity, a nourishing beverage, or a beneficial snack. For up to date menus and offerings, please contact our Sales Team at

Food Breaks

Focus + Concentrate
Keep minds clear and sharp with these focus enhancing foods, known to improve cognitive function and memory, for maximum concentration.
Connect + Collaborate
Elevate the mood and keep the ideas flowing with foods that promote interaction and connection, stimulating social exchange
Rest + Recuperate
Recharge after a productive day with these recovery boosters, chosen for their ability to calm, restore and promote restful sleep.
Inspire + Activate
Spark curiosity and creativity with these right brain–boosting foods, selected to inspire ideation and spark “out-of-the-box” thinking.
Energize + Motivate
Fuel up and stay engaged with these satisfying, energy-rich foods, handpicked to help attendees power through.


Rise + Shine
Start your meeting day by stimulating the senses through a short series of in-room exercises that awaken mind and body.
Center + Stimulate
A mid-morning stretch loosens muscles and gets blood flowing, which leads to more energy, less stress and brighter ideas throughout the meeting.
Boost + Brighten
Step out of the boardroom for light exercise designed to increase blood flow to the brain, keeping attendees awake and alert for longer periods of time.
Lift + Enliven
Head outside to alleviate the afternoon doldrums with deep-breathing and meditation exercises.
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