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Summer Team Building

Infuse your meeting itinerary with creative workshops, inspirational guest speakers, or outdoor summer activities that tap into Verbier’s stunning surroundings and encourage collaboration.

Verbier is a superlative resort as well as a great conference hotel in Switzerland, attracting extreme sportsmen and women. Faster, higher, harder, scarier; Verbier offers a testing training ground for a multitude of winter and summer sports and an incredible setting and atmosphere in which to do them.

Mountain biking, zip-lining, e-biking, karting, hiking, climbing, paragliding and stand-up paddling on alpine lakes are but a few of the many sports on offer in Verbier. Canyoning or rafting through glacial rivers and summer ice climbing can all be organised within a short drive of the resort. It’s not only about those adrenaline addicts though – a range of retreats we offer can harmonise even the most meditative minds. Yoga and detox retreats, 3D Sculpture walks and pampering spa weeks activate the mind as well as the body.

Summer Activities

Create something out of the ordinary. We work with your organisation’s mission or objectives to produce overall or specific results. Some of the largest brands in the world have found success with our distinguished and bespoke itinerary design and execution.

Activities Overview
  • Mountain biking, zip lining, e-biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding, and stand-up paddle boarding on Alpine lakes
  • Canyoning or rafting through glacial rivers
  • Summer ice climbing
  • Yoga and detox retreats
  • 3D-sculpture walks
  • Spa weeks
  • Scavenger hunts with orienteering and mental agility quizzes
  • Mini Olympics featuring a selection of Alpine sports
Multi-sport adventure challenges:
There are many different types of sports and activities available in and around Verbier, which require teamwork and encourage people beyond their comfort zone into their learning and creative zone.
Scavenger Hunts with Orienteering and Mental agility quizzes:
We’ll create a clever scavenger hunt with physical and mental obstacles to challenge your team in an alpine environment. Incorporating your company’s principles, vision and values, the team is encouraged to develop their leadership skills and recognise their contribution. Decision making in orienteering requires calculated thinking ahead of quick reactions or instinct. These decisions made under increasing fatigue improve mental endurance in other stressful situations.
Mini Olympics:
To introduce a pure element of competition, a selection of alpine sports is an ideal way to have fun and let off steam.
Inspirational advertising workshops:
Change the influencing factors on your creative team, or allow us to source some amazing creative talent to sit with your business heads and brainstorm your next campaign.
International award winning film & production company and photographers
We work with a Verbier based company who specialize in corporate imagery, brand movies, catalogue creative stand-out and of course some seriously extreme sports movies!

Summer Season

The summer season runs June 15 to September 30.

Advance reservations are recommended and fees apply. Please contact our Sales Team at sales.wverbier@whotels.com for more information or to organize an activity.

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