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Marriott Rewards

My Account/Online Profile


I forgot my Marriott Rewards password.

First, you'll need to reset your password. Then, you’ll receive an email with a secure link to create a new password. This link must be used within 5 hours of being received. For additional assistance, call +44 20 7012 7312 in the UK,  or contact your worldwide customer support office.

I forgot my Marriott Rewards account number.

You can access your Marriott Rewards account number using the e-mail address the account was set up with and your password. Once logged in, click on My Account in the upper right hand corner. Then select "Account Overview". On the Account Overview, please select the "Profile" tab. Your account number appears within the personal info section.

I get an error message when I try to log in.

Your “signed in” session may have timed out. Try signing out and then sign back in to view your account information.

Do you have a Marriott Rewards account number? Your account profile may not have a number assigned to it. Sign in with your email address on If your account does not already have a Marriott Rewards number attached, you will be asked to confirm your email address in order to automatically upgrade your account. After upgrading to an online Rewards account, you should be able to access your information.

If you still cannot access your Marriott Rewards information, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

How can I change my name on my Rewards account?

To keep your account secure and verify your identity, fax or mail your Rewards account number and a copy of one of the following:

  • Your marriage license
  • Your divorce decree
  • The court-ordered name change
  • Current federal- or state-issued identification (a driver's license is preferred)

Submit this information by fax or mail:
Mailing address:
Marriott Rewards
310 Bear Cat Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


How can I update my contact information?

After you sign in with your Marriott Rewards number or email address and password, click on the "My Account" link and then "Account Overview" link in the upper right corner of the page. When this page displays, click on the "Profile" link in top section under "My Account". When this page displays, find the section for the information you wish to change by selecting the “Edit” link for that section.

Can an account be held in a company’s name?

The Marriott Rewards program is an individual program. We do not offer joint or corporate accounts.

Where can I find my Marriott Rewards number?

First, sign into your Rewards account and select the "My Account" tab in the top right corner of the page. Then select "Account Overview". On the Account Overview, please select the "Profile" tab. Your account number appears within the personal info section.



How do I become a Marriott Rewards® member?

There are several ways to become a Marriott Rewards member. You can create an account online or join at the front desk of any participating Marriott hotel. You also automatically become a member when you purchase a Marriott Timeshare. For more information, contact Marriott Rewards Customer Service Offices at +44 20 7012 7312.

What is the benefit of joining Marriott Rewards on

The program allows you access to a wide range of benefits, including earning Rewards points for free stays, member only rates, setting reservation preferences, ability to use all of the features within the Marriott App, and a speedier reservation process on After joining Rewards and signing in, can keep you updated about your Rewards points, your past and upcoming reservation activity, and provide you with the best offers available on the site.

I lost my Marriott Rewards card.

Becoming an Elite member by staying 10 or more nights a year gives you the option to request a new card. You can request the card online from the Profile page, or contact Marriott Rewards at +44 20 7012 7312. Guests with fewer than 10 nights per year may view their digital Rewards card via the mobile app by going to the Your Account screen.

What is the definition of a "stay"?

A "hotel stay" or "stay" is defined as the total of consecutive nights stayed at a participating Marriott hotel, regardless of check-in/check-out activity. The room must be registered in the member's name, individually billed, and the member must personally stay in the room for the stay to qualify for points earning.

What is a hotel category?

All participating Marriott hotels are assigned Marriott Rewards categories that reflect how often guests choose to redeem points or certificates at the property. To determine a hotel's category, go to Enter the city, state and country information to look up any Marriott brand hotel or to find out the requirements for a free stay using points. When you get to the homepage for the hotel, the hotel category will be listed.

How can I add my Rewards number to an existing reservation?

First ensure that you are signed out of your account. From the home page of, click the "Reservations" link at the top of the page. Enter the first name, last name, arrival date, and confirmation number for the reservation, then click Find. In the Guest Information box click "edit". Enter your Marriott Rewards number in the "Rewards number" field below your e-mail address, and click Update at the bottom of the page. You will be given an opportunity to review your changes, and if everything looks correct you can click Submit Changes at the bottom to save the change.

How do I use a Marriott Rewards travel package?

Travel Packages come in three parts: 

1. Hotel Certificate: The hotel you want to stay in will determine the package you request. We have packages available for categories 1-5, 6, 7 and 8. The hotel certificates are for seven nights, and must be used for seven consecutive nights at the same property. 

2. Airline Miles: Contact your airline regarding how many miles will be needed for your intended flight and to check availability. Order the package that best fits your mileage needs. Marriott will apply the miles to your frequent flyer account for the airline you requested. Once miles are applied, the transaction is final. The miles must be sent to a frequent flyer account matching the name on the Marriott Rewards account. Miles may not be split between two airlines or airline accounts. 

3. Hertz Rental Certificate: You'll receive a coupon for 25% off your Hertz rental. Contact Hertz for availability and any questions regarding restrictions. 

Each of the three portions of the Travel Packages may be used on separate occasions or together for one trip.

What is Marriott DreamRewards Tracker?

The DreamRewards Tracker is a way for you to monitor how close you’re getting to your “DreamReward”. For more information, visit the DreamRewards Tracker.

Do Marriott Rewards points expire?

As long as you make a paid stay at a Marriott hotel every 24 months, your account and points remain active. Otherwise, your points expire.

Where can I find my lifetime points on

You can find your lifetime points on My Account. First, sign into your Rewards account. When “My Account” opens, select "Account Overview." You can then view your lifetime status by clicking the Nights link in the header.

How do I transfer Marriott Rewards Points to another person?

Providing your spouse or domestic partner is a Rewards member, you can transfer your points to them. To transfer points, call Marriott Rewards Customer Support at +44 20 7012 7312 in the UK, or contact a worldwide reservation center nearest you.

Where can I find information on the Marriott Rewards credit card?

You can find information on the Marriott Rewards credit card page, including how you earn extra points and Elite status, and to apply online.

What are my Elite benefits?

Whether a Silver, Gold or Platinum Elite member, your benefits include extras, from exclusive offers to a bonus on your Rewards points, lounge access, free breakfast and more, depending on your status.

What can I do if a stay is missing from my account?

If a stay is missing from your account, check your stay dates. Points are posted to your account approximately two weeks after a completed stay. If you opted to earn miles, these will post to your frequent flyer account approximately four to six weeks after a completed stay. If you do not see your points or miles posted after this time period, sign in to your account. Then, click on the drop down arrow for My Account. Listed under Account Activity, you will find the Report a missing stay link, click on the link, and complete all the requested information. Lastly, submit the request. You can also fax your itemized hotel receipt and your Rewards number to +1-801-468-4033 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada), or contact a worldwide Marriott Rewards Customer Service office nearest you.

How do I set up an online Marriott Rewards account?

If you are already a Marriott Rewards member, first go to In the upper right hand corner hover over Sign In and select Create online account. Complete all membership and sign in information, and select submit. If you are not already a member, in the upper right hand corner click on join now and complete all the requested information, and select Join. After either step, complete your profile. For additional assistance, call +44 20 7012 7312 in the UK, or contact a worldwide reservation center nearest you.



What is eFolio?

eFolio is an enhanced service that lets Marriott Reward members receive an electronic copy of their hotel bill via email after every stay. These emails are available for stays at over 2,300 of our participating hotels in North America.

How do I subscribe to eFolio?

You may subscribe to eFolio at any time (even during a stay) by clicking "Edit" for the "Email Preferences" section of "Profile" under “My Account.” Under Information About Your Stay, select the “Subscribe” button. Once these changes are saved, you will receive your hotel bill via email whenever you stay at a participating Marriott hotel and use your Marriott Rewards account number.

How long will it take for my eFolio to be emailed?

An electronic version of your final hotel bill will be emailed to you within 72 hours after your departure from the hotel. It will reflect any changes made to your bill up to 11pm on your day of departure. Any adjustments after that time may not appear. Marriott retains official records of all charges and credits to your account and will honor only those records.

How do I unsubscribe from eFolio?

To unsubscribe from eFolio, select the "Unsubscribe" button under Information About Your Stay in the "Email Preferences" section of "Profile" under “My Account.”

How do I get a copy of my hotel bill?

If you are a Rewards member, you can get a copy of your hotel bill from recent stays:

1. Sign in to your Rewards account
2. Select “Account Activity”
3. When the page opens, go to the “I want to” box to the right of the stay and select “Download bill”
4. If the bill is not listed in your account, or if a message says the bill cannot be displayed online, call Customer Care at +44 20 7012 7312.

Using Points


How do I use my points for a hotel stay?

To book a reservation using Marriott Rewards points online, simply input your account number in the “Marriott Rewards number” field in the search module that can be found throughout Marriott’s website and select the “Use Rewards points” checkbox. 

A list of hotels in the area will be displayed upon clicking the “Find” button, along with their category assignments and points cost per night. Select a hotel to confirm your room preferences and begin the reservation process. 

For redemption stays, an eCertificate for your reservation will be ordered automatically and not sent by mail. When you check in, let the front desk know we ordered your certificate electronically and they'll have record of it. Paper certificates are available for a cost of $10. 

You'll receive an email confirmation of your order if you entered an email address. This confirmation isn't required by the hotel at check in.

How do I use my points for merchandise?

Marriott Rewards points can be used to purchase electronics, accessories, sporting goods and even gift cards - from all of your favorite brands from all over the world. Find out more.

Can others book reservations using my points?

Individuals other than you may use your points to cover rooms, although these reservations cannot be completed on 

Instead, please contact a representative at one of our Worldwide Reservation Centers. We would be happy to help you order a Marriott Rewards certificate for someone other than yourself.

Can I use both cash and points to make a reservation?

Yes. You may combine cash and points for your reservation. To book a reservation using Cash + Points, first check “Use Marriott Rewards points” in the hotel search box. When the reservation form displays, select your room type/points for your stay. A menu will open with options for points, a cash rate, or a combination of the two for each night of your stay. Additional details are available here.

How do I figure out how many points it will cost me to stay in a hotel?

In the search module available throughout, enter the city, state and country information of any Marriott brand hotel to find out how many points the hotel requires for a free stay. Enter your Marriott Reward number and check the "Use Marriott Reward points." The number of points needed is determined by the hotel category and the number of nights you stay.

Can I change/cancel an existing redemption reservation on

Yes. On the home page, sign in and click "My Reservations." Select the specific reservation you wish to change. Select "Cancel entire reservation" or select the "Edit" link for the section you wish to change.

I want to use my points for a reservation. How do I order the eCertificate? now automatically creates an eCertificate for any reservation created using Rewards points, as long as you have the required number of points. This eCertificate is automatically attached to the reservation and forwarded directly to the hotel for which you have made a reservation. 

If you do not have the required number of points to make the reservation and your stay is more than 8 days away, you may wait to order the eCertificate at a later time when the required points have been accumulated. You may also immediately purchase the additional points to complete the reservation. 

If the reservation is within 7 days, the points must be purchased within that time or the eCertificate can not be redeemed. Please note that only 50,000 total points for any number of reservations may be purchased in a single year.

What is the difference between an ecertificate and a paper certificate?

eCertificates are Marriott's "paperless" hotel reward certificates that let you order your hotel reward in as little as 24 hours in advance of your stay. When you order an e-certificate, you'll receive an email confirmation. You will not need to present any paper record of the reward order to the hotel. Click here for more information on eCertificates. Paper reward certificates for hotel stays cost $10. When making a redemption reservation with a paper certificate, please indicate that you already have a certificate for that reservation.

I have outstanding eCertificates from an unfulfilled reservation.

Rewards Members can now view any outstanding eCertificates they have from previously changed or cancelled reservations on their "My Rewards Account Activity" page. These eCertificates can be attached to a booking during the reservation process.

What is point sharing?

You can buy, share or donate points with friends, family, any Marriott Rewards member, or your choice from 7 charitable organizations. Find out more.

How do I redeem my free night certificate for a category 1-4 hotel?

First, to see if you have a free night certificates, sign in and go to My Account Activity page. To redeem the award:

1. In the "Find a Hotel" box, enter your stay information and then select “Find”
2. A list of hotels will display with their individual Rewards category; select "View Rates", making sure the hotel category is within the range on your reward
3. A list of available rooms and the points normally required will display; use “Select” when you find your preferred room type
4. Confirm your room preferences and select "Continue” to open “Reservation Details”
5. On this page below "Confirm Details", you will see options to either "Attach the e-Certificate(s) below to my reservation" or "Order new e-certificate(s) and automatically deduct the points from my account." Select your certificate and then "Continue" at the bottom of the page
6. Your reservation will be completed and your confirmation number will display

Are free night certificates transferrable?

Free night certificates may not be transferred, extended beyond the expiration date, or re-credited for Points.

How do I use my Marriott Rewards points for airline miles?

To redeem your Rewards points for miles with one of Marriott's partner airline companies:

1. Go to Marriott Rewards Travel Reward Programs
2. Search for your preferred frequent flyer program
3. Choose the number of miles you want to redeem your points for, and select “Order”
4. To complete, sign in to your Marriott Rewards account
5. Review and complete the details in the "Award Description" box, then select "Continue"
6. Confirm the reward code and the number of points you are redeeming
7. Select "Continue"
8. On the next page, select "Submit"

Your miles will appear in your frequent flyer account in approximately two weeks

How do I use my points to make a reservation for a friend or family member?

To make a reservation for someone else using your Rewards points, you will need to call 00800-1927-1927 (toll-free in the UK), or contact a worldwide reservation center nearest you. This option is not available online.

How do I reserve a room upgrade when booking a redemption stay?

To upgrade your room for a redemption stay as a Rewards member, such as for a suite or ocean view room, two options are available, based on availability, hotel, hotel category, room type and season:

  • Point upgrade rewards: Generally, you will need an additional 5,000 points for each upgrade reward. Most upgrades require one or two point upgrade rewards per night. Some properties require three or more upgrade rewards per night; contact the hotel for specifics when booking.
  • Paid upgrade rewards: You can pay to upgrade a standard redemption reservation at select hotels on a cost-per-night basis. Additional points not required. To request a paid upgrade, call 00800-1927-1927, or contact a worldwide reservation center nearest you.



What is PointSavers?

Members can save up to 33% on point redemptions, based on the hotel category and number of nights requested. Locations participating in PointSavers are discounted by one category in Marriott Rewards point requirements (Category 1 hotels point requirements are discounted by 20%).

Which hotels participate in PointSavers?

All Marriott brands are eligible to participate in the PointSavers program, although not all hotels participate in PointSavers on all dates.

Does The Ritz-Carlton participate in PointSavers?

Yes. Ritz-Carlton® hotels offer up to a 28% savings in point redemptions. Our airline and hotel partners offer similar promotions from time to time.

How do I find participating locations?

You can search for hotels by city, state and country using the same easy process as looking for a reservation, including standard Marriott Rewards redemptions. The list of participating hotels are always changing, so visit often to see which brands and locations are available for your travels worldwide.

Are eCertificates available for PointSavers?

Yes. As always, you'll need to have advance reservations for PointSavers.

Where can I get help with PointSavers?

We're always happy to help you. Contact the Marriott Rewards Customer Service office closest to you.

Earning Points


I do not see a stay credited to my account.

Please allow up to two weeks for stays to be processed and appear on your statement. If you still have a question regarding stay credit, please sign in and complete a “missing stay” request or contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support.

Why did I only get credit for three rooms?

Under the Marriott Rewards Terms & Conditions, a member is eligible to receive points for staying at participating Marriott Rewards hotels for his/her guest room and up to two additional rooms. All rooms must be reserved and registered in the member's name and the member must make arrangements for payment of all rooms on a consolidated bill, which should be requested at time of hotel check-in. To ensure points are automatically posted to member's account, the member should present his/her Marriott Rewards membership card at check-in. For more information, please see terms and conditions.

Do I get credit for rooms that I paid for, even if I’m not staying at the hotel?

No, Marriott Rewards terms and conditions require that you personally stay at the hotel to be eligible for individual credit. The only exception is to earn points through Rewarding Events. Please visit this Rewarding Events for more information.