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How do I book my company’s negotiated rate?

A "Corporate/Promotional" code field is located in most search modules throughout the site. Expand the “Special Rates & Awards” area to use the “Corporate / promotional code” field. Entering your company’s code will allow you to check availability for your corporate rate. If you need access to your company’s code, you may contact us via email. Proof of eligibility is required.

If I'm attending a convention or a part of a group, can I book these special rates online?

Yes. A special group code is required and must be entered in the Group Code field found within the booking module featured on specific hotel information pages. Your group coordinator must have established this code with the hotel in advance. Ask your group coordinator for the special code or contact us via email.

If I modify my reservation, will my rate change?

Possibly. Rates are set by factors such as seasonality, day of the week, length of stay, room type, number of individuals in the room, etc. Modification of any of these items may result in changes to the room rate. Please be sure to re-enter any special rate types to ensure that your search checks availability for those special rates.

How can I see if the special rate is available for alternate dates?

You can search alternate availability for a special rate. After entering a destination, travel dates and a special rate code, the hotels and rates that match your search criteria will appear. Once you’ve selected a hotel, click on the “My dates are flexible” link in the right navigation of the search results page. You’ll be able to view rates for different available dates at your chosen hotel in the availability calendar.

What is a promotional code?

Promotional codes are alphabetical and numerical indicators of specified rates. Promotional codes for special rates, within the Deals section of, are usually pre-populated in the “Corporate / promotional code” field. Promotional codes for deals are sometimes provided for you to enter into the group code field.

What specials or packages are on

To make your vacation planning as easy as possible, many packages can be booked online through Available packages include room accommodations plus meals, romance or honeymoon specials, golf, spa services and more. These packages are listed on the Experiences by Marriott page.

Special Rates and Deals


I’m a member of the Military. Am I eligible for discounts?

Active-duty members of the military and government employees are eligible for special discounts, based on availability. Your active-duty government or military identification is required at check-in. However, the rate rules provided next to the rate will provide complete details.

How do I book a senior rate?

To book a senior rate, first enter your stay information in “Find a Hotel” on our homepage, or by selecting “Find & Reserve” located at the top of other pages. Then, open “Special Rates” and select “Senior Discount” from the list. Finally, select find to open your search results of hotels offering this rate in the destination you selected.

I’m a travel agent. How can I book special rates for my personal travel?

Marriott partners with travel agents and travel agencies to reach customers that might not book directly with us. Through this partnership, we can offer travel agents themselves, as well as their families when the travel agent is present, special rates for personal travel. The travel agent website offering special rates can be accessed from the bottom navigation found on any page throughout

Are other special rates available?

In addition to special rates for senior citizens, government employees, and AAA members, many of our hotels also offer special weekend rates such as "Stay for Breakfast" rates, leisure packages, and advanced purchase rates.

I am an airline employee. How do I book an airline employee rate?

You can use to check availability and room information for your airline’s negotiated rate:

1. You will need your airline’s three-character booking code to check for availability online
2. If you do not have this code, you can search for the Travel Industry rate using the code “TVL” or call Customer Support at +44 20 7012 7312
3. Once you have the code, go to “Find a Hotel” on the homepage and enter your stay information
4. Then open “Special Rates” and select “Corporate / promo”; enter your three-character code and select “Find”
5. Your search results will display the available hotels offering the rate

To qualify for this rate, please note that:

- Rates may vary by season
- A limited number of rooms are available at the travel industry rate
- Advance reservations are required
- Identification required at check-in
- Cannot be used in conjunction with group travel or any other promotional offer

Best Rate Guarantee


How do I know that I have booked the lowest rate?

With Marriott's Look No Further® Best Rate Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that the rate you find on is the lowest available rate for this room and rate type anywhere on the Internet. If you find a lower rate for the same room, let us know by submitting a claim form. If the lower rate you found qualifies, we’ll match the lower rate and give you an additional 25% discount on the room or 5,000 Marriott Rewards points…it’s up to you.

How does Marriott's Look No Further® Best Rate Guarantee work?

If, after making a reservation with Marriott directly online or over the phone, you find a lower rate elsewhere, you must file a claim within 24 hours of your initial reservation. If the lower rate is found on the day of arrival, the claim must be submitted by 10:00 p.m. of that day to ensure timely processing.

All claims must include the Marriott rate reserved and the lower rate found for the same hotel, room type and reservation dates. If the lower rate you found qualifies, we’ll match the lower rate and give you an additional 25% discount on the room or 5,000 Marriott Rewards points…it’s up to you.

You may submit the claim form here.

How much time is needed to process my claim?

To ensure we can process your claim in time for your arrival, all claims must be submitted no later than 10:00 p.m. on the date of arrival.

Marriott will notify you of the results of your claim within 24 hours. For claims submitted on the day of arrival, the claim will be processed within approximately four hours.

What do I need to send to help verify my claim?

The claim form outlines all the required information. You will need to provide Marriott with specific information regarding where you found the lower rate to help us verify your claim, including the URL of the page where you saw the lower rate.

Do I need to make a second reservation when I find a lower rate?

No, a second reservation is not required.

I was offered a special rate to extend my stay beyond my package dates. Is this rate eligible?

No. Special rates associated with the extension of a package or an early arrival of a packaged stay are not eligible for Marriott's Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee.

Can I submit a claim based upon a lower rate found on any website?

Most websites are included in Marriott's Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee (for example,,, However, the website must be one in which you can complete the transaction on the site. Opaque providers of hotel rooms, such as and, that do not reveal the hotel brand name until after you have pre-paid for your hotel room, do not qualify for the guarantee.

How can I tell if the room types are comparable?

The factors that must match when a claim is verified are the size, the view, amenities, number of guests, and bed type. Each factor must be the same to verify a claim.

The following are examples of non-comparable rooms:

  • A suite with a 4-guest limit is not comparable to a suite with a 6-guest limit
  • A room without an ocean view is not comparable to an ocean-view room
  • A room that has a king bed is not comparable to a room that has 2 queen beds
  • A room with a guaranteed option (like a high floor) is not comparable to a room without that same guarantee


I used an official Marriott channel to reserve a package that included a room and additional amenities. How will this rate be compared to a less expensive rate I found at a comparison channel?

When this type of rate is included in a comparison, all available offers will be reviewed at the official Marriott channel through which the reservation was made to ensure the least expensive rate was reserved. The total rate on the comparison channel will be compared to the total rate available on Marriott channels. If the rate qualifies, neither the amenity nor the corresponding value of the amenity will be provided by Marriott when honoring a lower rate.

The guarantee does not apply to the following rate types:

  • Rates that include room and other components or amenities such as travel, car rental, entertainment, non-breakfast meals, tickets, gas coupons, etc.
  • A room that is cancellable up until 48 hours of check-in is not comparable to a pre-paid noncancelable room rate.
How will rates in different currencies be compared?

Claims will be evaluated in the currency of the Marriott reservation. To do so, Marriott will use the currency converter provided on Rate discrepancies solely attributable to fluctuations and/or differences in currency exchange rates are excluded from the guarantee.

Am I eligible for Marriott Rewards points when my rate is adjusted?

Yes. You will be awarded points based upon the lower rate paid at checkout. Please ensure that you provide your Marriott Rewards number when making the reservation. And if you selected to receive 5,000 points as your reward, those additional points will be reflected in your account 7-10 business days after checkout.

My travel agent quoted me a lower Marriott rate than the rate I reserved on

Rates quoted by travel agents are eligible for Marriott's Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee. We require that you present two reservation numbers with your claim: one for the reservation made through, and one for the reservation made through the travel agency. Marriott will cancel the higher rate reservation at no charge to you and honor our guarantee on the lower rate and give you an additional 25% discount on the room or 5,000 Marriott Rewards points…it’s up to you.

I originally requested to receive points if my claim was approved, and I would like to change to the reduced rate (or vice versa). Can I do this?

No, this is not permitted.

If my claim is approved and I choose to receive points, when will the points be added to my account.

Points will be added after you check-out, similar to the manner in which points earned during your stay are added. You can expect to see the points in your account within 7-10 days following your stay.

If I make a reservation at an official Marriott reservation source and, later, find a less expensive rate at an official Marriott source, can I submit a claim?

Rates offered at official Marriott reservation sources are not eligible for comparison. In some cases, you may be able to modify your reservation to receive the less expensive rate.

I reserved a rate at an official Marriott reservation channel and paid in full, in advance of my stay. If my claim is approved, will I receive a refund?

Yes. The difference in the amount between the rate originally confirmed and the reduced rate will be held by the hotel. Any amount that remains, when you check out, will be refunded.

I made a reservation at the source to which I am comparing a rate reserved at an official Marriott channel. What details are needed to review my claim?

The rate you found at the comparison channel must still be available at the time your claim is reviewed as reservations at third-party reservation channels are priced by those channels, meaning that the lower rate cannot be validated with a reservation record alone.

Can I make a change to my reservation once a claim is approved?

Yes, however, this may result in a rate change removing the rate discount and/or Marriott Rewards points.