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Our Application Process & FAQs

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We’re here to help you succeed. Here’s an overview of what to expect when you apply for a job. If you’re not sure which position is right for you, review the information in Explore Career Paths and Learn About Marriott.

Our Application Process

  1. You need an email address to apply. If you don’t have one, create an email account with an email provider such as:

    - Gmail:
    - Hotmail:
    - Yahoo!Mail:

  2. On our careers website click the button that says “Search and apply for jobs now.”
  3. Search for current job openings.
  4. Once you find a job, click “apply.”
    - If this is your first time applying, you will need to create a Marriott Careers account. Follow the directions on the new user/application registration screen.
    - Keep your Account User Name and Password in a secure place – you will need them to access the system in the future.

  5. Complete the online application:
    - Our application has multiple steps.
    - On average it takes 30-45 minutes to complete the application. If you don’t have time to complete it all at once, click “Save as Draft.”
    - You can use your User Name and Password to return to the same spot where you left off.
    - Click “Submit” when you are finished.

Have questions about this process? View our video demonstration .

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I apply for a job with Marriott?

To begin, you’ll want to Search and Apply for open jobs and learn about our online Application Process. We do not accept resumes or CVs via email.

Is an email address required to apply for a job?

Yes. If you don’t currently have an email address, you can create one through a website such as or There is no cost to set up an account and email address. Please see our Application Process for more information .

Is hospitality experience required to work at Marriott?

While some positions will require previous, related experience, there are many ways to start a career at Marriott without prior hospitality experience. Learn about Jobs in our Hotels, Jobs Supporting Our Business, and opportunities for Students and Graduates.

How long is the selection process?

Marriott is committed to selecting the best talent and as a result our selection process has several steps. Each step is designed so that we learn more about your skills and experiences and for you to learn more about Marriott. The length of the selection process varies depending on the position, location and number of applicants. Learn more about our Application Process.

Can I interview for opportunities at a franchise property?

Franchise hotels are not managed by Marriott International. Each franchise hotel’s management company has their own application and selection process. We do offer a listing of some Franchise Opportunities however the application process for those positions is completed outside of Marriott’s systems.

Do I need to be willing to relocate to be hired?

Although it is not required, being willing to relocate does allow for a broader range of available opportunities.

I am a current employee. How do I apply for another position?

There are many opportunities to grow your career by applying for jobs at other locations. To search and apply for available positions, current employees should use the internal career portal and go to the "Job & Career Opportunities" link (found on the right side of the screen). If you do not have access to the internal career portal, please contact your Human Resources team for assistance, including information on any eligibility criteria and how to apply for a transfer.

What if my browser is not compatible with your application process?

Our Application Process works on most computer browsers. However, if you have difficulty, we recommend applying using a different computer in your local public library, community organization or friend's home. You can also apply by visiting the location where you are interested in working. See Technical Guidelines for troubleshooting information.

How do I submit my resume/CV for consideration?

Please review our Application Process and follow the instructions in Search and Apply. See Technical Guidelines for troubleshooting information.

What should I do if I receive a recruiting email I think is a scam?

Please see Technical Guidelines for information about how to protect yourself from recruiting scams and recognize legitimate Marriott email domains.

Does Marriott offer vacation, healthcare and other benefits?

See Learn About Marriott for information about benefits and the rewards of working for us. Benefits vary by location; as you go through our application process, please direct any specific questions to the location where you are applying. All employees are eligible for room rate, food and beverage, and retail discounts at global Marriott locations.

Does Marriott offer relocation benefits?

Relocation may be available for selected positions. If relocation benefits are offered, it will be indicated on the job posting when you apply.

Can I apply for a position at a location that hasn’t opened yet?

Key management positions are the first roles filled for a new hotel. A few months before the opening, we begin recruiting for all other positions , and post those jobs on the Marriott Careers site. Find all current job postings on Search and Apply.

Does Marriott sponsor employees applying for citizenship or visas?

Employees are responsible for ensuring and providing proof of the right to work in the country where the job is located. In limited circumstances, Marriott may assist with sponsorship. The location where you are applying will inform you if sponsorship is available. See our J-1 Visa Training Program.

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