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Marriott Hotels and Resorts - UK & Ireland Hotel Deals

With the Marriott Rewards® programme, you earn more than points. Special offers are another benefit of membership. With Marriott Rewards you can benefit from many types of exclusive offers, hotel offers, holiday offers, spa offers and more. Deals like these are available for you exclusively as a Marriott Rewards member.

Member Exclusive Offers:
Spring into savings: Get 20% off villas worldwide
- Valid through 12 June, 2017
Explore Minsk: Enjoy points + breakfast + a tour
- Valid through 5 July, 2017
Luxurious summer in Paris: Get 10,000 points a stay
- Valid through 10 September, 2017
Amazing Phuket resorts: Get 1,000 points every night
- Valid through 19 June, 2017
United Kingdom:
Weekends across the UK: Get 2,000 points + breakfast
- Valid through 15 August, 2017
Summer in Salford Quays: Get 2,000 points per stay
- Valid through 8 July, 2017
United States:
NYC, near Madison Ave shops: Earn 3,000 points a night
- Valid through 28 July, 2017