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Country Breaks

Marriott Hotels and Country Clubs
What better way to unwind than with all the ingredients of a luxurious country holiday weekend at a Marriott country club hotel. The atmosphere on our country breaks is wonderfully restful – acres of space, beautiful surroundings, tranquil gardens to stroll and relax in, and perhaps a leisurely drink to enjoy on your return, creating the perfect country holidays. Add to this, some of the finest golf and leisure facilities, superb food and wine and friendly service and you have the distinctive Marriott country club hotel experience - luxurious, warm and welcoming - and the ideal country holiday and restorative for mind and body. Take one of our country breaks and relax!
Marriott has a variety of country holidays to choose from in a range of locations with a variety of facilities. Choose Marriott country holidays to best suit your dream break away.
Hotel & Country Club
Breadsall Priory, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Hanbury Manor, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Tudor Park, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club & Country Club
Worsley Park, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Forest of Arden, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Monmouthshire St Pierre, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club