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Choose a Marriott hotel – Midland hospitality doesn’t get any finer

Discover the warmth of an English Midlands welcome at a stylish Marriott hotel. Midland hospitality simply doesn’t get any better, whether you choose luxury in a rural setting in some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, or enjoy our style, comfort and wonderful amenities in the heart of Birmingham

When you stay at a Marriott Midlands hotel you can expect impeccable standards and attention to detail. Even our most stylish hotels in the Midlands provide superb value for money. It makes no difference whether your Marriott of choice is a stately residence dating back to the 1200s or a fine example of contemporary architecture, our approach is the same. We just really, truly want to make our guests feel special.

Every Marriott Midlands hotel includes:

  • Beautifully appointed, spacious rooms with generous workspace – and luxury bedding that brings a whole new level of comfort
  • Delicious menus – our restaurants are known for their fresh, tempting choices; you’ll find dining with us a true pleasure
  • Luxury health club amenities and spa treatments to recharge, invigorate and pamper you
  • High-speed internet access and business facilities that make it easy to keep in touch, whether you’re here for work or leisure

If you appreciate great standards and immaculate presentation, you’ll feel right at home at any Marriott hotel: Midland, east or west, you will find everything you need for a wonderful stay. See for yourself – you can take a photo tour of our hotels, check availability and make your reservations, online.

Book your Marriott hotel online now – and discover the best in Midland hospitality, style and comfort.

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